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Fate or Fortune by Dani

Fate or fortune?
I don't know and I guess I never will.
But I don't care either.
What matters is that finally it happened.
Finally after this whole lot of time.
Finally my heart and soul are home.
'home', as a wise person once said, 'home is where the heart is.'
Finally I'm home.
I guess I've always been home I just never realized it.
And when his eyes say it,
I know that it's true and that he is home too.
He had always been there and cared for me.
We've been friends for so long,
And we promised not to have any secrets.
We both revealed them all.
But there always had been one we never told each other.
The fact that we love the other one more as we ever wanted to commit.
Now we finally did.
And I'm as lucky as I never thought I could ever be.
Fate or Fortune?
I really don't mind after all.
Finally I have everything I always wanted.
And I never wanted anything more than this.

It's you that I need by Dani

AN: as promised...

Walking down your street
Just know what I need
I know that it's you
and that you need me too

Then I knock on your door
And stand on your warm floor
You greet me with a long kiss
that I'm not gonna miss

There's no reason for you to leave
You're not gona go deaf
All I ever wanted is you
And to know that you love me too

Now that I know
I want everyone to show
how strong our love is
and that it's you I'm gonna kiss

We've known each other for ages now
And it's always been just wow
I remeber the times
you wished I wouldn't draw lines

There were these days
You made me believe again in sunrays
There were a lot of bady things I used to do
And it nearly made me lose you

But you did stay
And I still pray every day
For you to show me heaven
and get up at eleven

I pray for you to see
that there's no life without me
You've always been a special one
and our love can't ever be gone

Life by Dani

Life is an occasion,
use it.

Life is beauty,
admire it.

Life is joy,
cost it.

Life is a dream,
make it real.

Life is a challenge,
accept it.

Life is duty,
do it.

Life is a journey,
finish it.

Life is a game,
play it.

Life is expensive,
respect it.

Life is wealth,
keep it.

Life is love,
enjoy it.

Life is a secret,
air it.

Life is a promise,
fulfil it.

Life is grief,
get over it.

Life is a fight,
fight it.

Life is tragedy,
be prepared.

Life is an adventure,
do it.

Life is life,
keep it.

Life is luck,
make it.

…And with you life is worth living.

Lifeless by Dani

I'm lying here on the ground
without any sound

I'm just another homicide
just another 2 a.m. call
just another sleepless night
you're third shift in a row

I always tried not to
But I certainly do
Lying on the livingroom floor
with 3 bullets in my back

I won't end up another "Jane Doe"
But the second clue
a serial killer left
on his way

Yesterday I had the job of yours still
how fast life can change
I knew it before
But it was never me

Memories by Dani

Back then I always knew.
That one of us would leave the other one alone.
But I didn't think it would be you.
I hoped to have a long time with you.
And I surely had.

Everyday I walk into my garden
at my house and I look at the city.

Yea I'm still here.
Here where it all began.
Here in the city in the desert.
Here where we first met.
Here where we have been friends for so long.
Where we had so much fun.

Watching the city, the lights.
Not much changed since you first arrived here.
Yea lights on the strip went out.
And new ones went on.

Dreams shattered and memories broke.
But some came true and last for ever.

I don't know why but since this city exists
people come and go.
With dreams, with hope, with money.
And joy and luck.
With fiancés and leave with
husbands and wives.

It still is just a nowhere in a desert.
Just the thing that gambling is legal
and marriage a split-second-thought decision.

To win or to lose?
It's just a moment
but changing everything.

And for the time you are here
it feels like you borrowed an angel's wings.

A month by Dani

A month can change people

A month can change life

A month can change everything

A month can change a lifetime

Even a moment can change everything

And a month is full of moments

not ... anymore by Dani

I'm not arguing
Not fighting
Not questioning
Not denying…

…Once I thought I could be with you
But I had to learn that we better be friends
Once I thought I could fall outta love with you
But I just can't

I'm not wishing
Not complaining
Not revealing
Not regaining…

…What I once thought I could have
But yet the closest I could get
Is being your best friend
And that's all I'll ever be in the end

I'm not crying
Not trying
Not believing
Not dying…


Not you it's me by Dani

How can you just sit there
and stare

I was just giving you my last breath
of air

Why don't you scream, cry, say something?
I'm here

I'm all ears
So please tell me what are your fears

After all it's not you dying
So could you please at least start crying?

It's me
and what do I see?

Just you sitting right there
staring at me

And I wish you'd see
that you are the biggest part of me

I never wanted to leave
And now all you can do is grieve.

Nothing I can do by Dani

Tears glistening down my face
like raindrops beginning to race

falling down on the asphaltred floor
First one. Than more and more

Steadily into a black sea
slowly drowning me

There's nothing I can do
'cause I'm lost without you

Rooftops by Dani

To be alone you have to be surrounded by people.
I'm just a few hundred meters above the strip.

Alone. Watching people.
People who say goodbye to be alone again.
I'm just standing there watching.
The city, the people, the lights.

In the middle of the desert
You can find enough current and water.
Enough for a huge city.
Maybe a whole country.

And somehow my mind wanders again.
Why are mortals killing others?
It's my job to answer that.
But I'll never understand why.

I know you never ask why, just how.
But I'm different. I want to understand.
But I can't.

And then again I see lights.
Lights that keep me going.
That move me along.

You are one of the brightest.
Sometimes I think I could just jump.
Jump into the world. Not caring for what will be.

But then again there are people who need me.
People who are my lights.
Maybe I'm alone. But never lonely.

Set you free by Dani

Searching the stars
in blue sky above
Thinking of nightfears
'cause you left me alone
Didn't think it would be
that easy for you to leave
But guess I was wrong
'Cause at the end of the song
you were gone
I was standing there
in this huge room
Crowded with people
but feeling alone
The night driving home

Like my knight in shining armour
you have been always there
You didn't say goodbye
because you don't care
But if you would've tried
you know
I wouldn't have let you go
Even if you would've lied
I'd rather died
than seeing you walk away
You said you still love me
and only me
So why did you go
to leave me for her?
You said she's history
a stop in your lifestory

I was happy the day
you said you love me
And I still cry at night
There's just this picture
of you and her in my head
and I'm really sad
Of all people
I trusted you the most
And what did I get?
You leaving me
And me being sad
How did it happen?
I know
You never tried
to let her go
She was always there
But I didn't care
And now I'm defending you
At the ending of me and you

'Cause now I say
It was my fault she was here
And there
And everywhere
Just go with her
Be happy again
I'm loving you too much
to not let you go
That's all I know
And in my heart
you'll always be the biggest part

Life without you
wouldn't be worth living
And life with you
was so much giving
Today I set you free
Just go
and be happy without me

Someone by Dani

someday we'll find
what we've been searching for forever
somewhere we'll be
where we always wanted to be
someway we'll see
what no one else will ever see
somehow we'll know
what we never wanted to believe
someplace we'll find
where we'll stay forever together
some time ago we found
that someone we wanna stay with forever
someday we'll have to let go
but for now
someday is far away from here
and some time, someway we'll somehow be someday,
somewhere at someplace with that someone
we've been searching for forever

Teardrops by Dani

Falling like raindrops
on hot Las Vegan asphalt.

Lingering on the ground for only seconds
before they are floating in the air
to the heavens above.

Sadly cried
but soon happily remembered
as the goodbye of a beloved.

It's the not knowing
of what will come next
making it not sadder than it is.

'Cause one day we'll be together again.
Not in this world
but in those to come.

And nothing will ever part us again.
And nothing can part us now.
'Cause in my heart you'll always be here with me.

This time it's me by Dani

Lying here on the cold cemented floor
Feeling nothing anymore
Surrounded by a sea of red
and nightlight with black and blue

Still living I always wanted to be here
Where the stars are near
Just wanted to see it once
But guess I didn't have the chance

I wanted to tell you so much
I thought long enough, probably too long
And then I walked along the street
And someone hit me and then I was gone

I never thought it would go that fast
Always thought there'd be those last memories
Were you see life runing out
But I never had them and that's not fair

Now look at me
Just another homicide on your daily list
Just another "DB" you won't miss
I'm your newest case for only a few weeks

A few more weeks then I'll be gone
Maybe you'll remember me a few more weeks
And cry some tears
And then I'll be gone

'Cause there'll be nothing left of me
Just a gravestone next to an old tree
With an nice imprint
Between hundreds of those who'd gone before me

At least I hope you'll do a good job
And find the one who's guilty
And maybe some day you'll join me here in heaven
Til then I can only hope and pray

That one day
Our ways will cross again
And that this time will be forever
and that you won't leave me ever

When you were mine by Dani

Once there was a time
when you were mine

We've been living on the thresholds of dreams
now we're on their edges it seems

All those time
you promised to be mine

It has been more like nightmares than dreams
After all my heart is shattered, at least it seems

It was you telling me there'd be a time
when you'd be mine

You, telling me we would live in dreams
You, lying all the time, it seems

Once there was a time
when I thought you were mine

You and me by Dani

You and me
living in a world agree

Where there is nothing sad
and no one mad

And every tree green
that we have seen

A world where we live in
where we can give in

A place like paradise
and no one is as cold as ice

A world we used to see
just for you and me

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